Easter Sunday Jesus

Easter is the story of Jesus Christ’s last days in Jerusalem prior to his death.

This story includes the Last supper leading to the Eucharist also known as the Maundy Thursday, the day on which Jesus was crucified commonly referred to as Good Friday and the Easter Sunday which is the day on which Jesus is believed to have come back to life.

Easter Sunday Jesus

Easter is the most important Christian festival. It marks the end of the fasting season of Lent and the death on Good Friday and resurrection of Jesus Christ, on Easter Sunday. With Christianity being the largest religion in the world today, it is one of the most widely celebrated religious occasions in which people of all religious faith participate willingly.

Do you know that, Three days after Jesus’ execution, the stone that sealed his tomb was rolled away — not to let Jesus out, but to let us In. Jesus defeating death on the cross and through the empty tomb is an invitation to a new life — to New Humanity — that we can finally be the true humans, living in harmonious union with God, that we were meant to be all along. On that night, Jesus took some of the most important symbols of the “old covenant” and initiated a new one.

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